Genie Bright, RMT

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Genie Bright RMT is an honors graduate from ICT Northumberland College for Massage Therapy with an award for “Wholistic Therapist.”  She has well over a decade of experience in teaching yoga, Pilates, postural awareness and dance and has traveled all over the world in pursuit of knowledge and experience in the fields of holistic health and therapeutic movement.  

Having suffered debilitating back pain as a young adult, Genie was told by a medical doctor that by her 40’s her health would be seriously compromised. The doctor could offer no advise on how to prevent the impending decline and this spurred an investigation which led to the practice of yoga, Pilates and a deeply involved study in anatomy, posture and exercise therapy. Ninety per cent of musculoskeletal pain is rooted in poor habitual postural and movement patterns.  Healing one’s posture is a rewarding journey which yields transformation on deep levels.

Genie offers postural coaching sessions using prescriptive exercise to activate core strength, flexibility and improved alignment. These sessions are individualized and include awareness exercises in body positioning, dynamic movement and the relationship between posture and personality traits which can be transformed through commitment and practice.  When you change your physiology you change your psychology.

Genie is trained in Myo-fascial treatments and uses this manual therapy to assist in the process of re-gaining healthy alignment and natural poise. Genie Bright RMT graduated with honours from ICT Northumberland College of Massage (2200 hour program) with the award for “Wholistic Therapist”.   Genie is an active member of MTANS.

Genie offers a variety of treatment approaches, all of which can be integrated with traditional Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Therapy.  For example:

Postural Coaching
Rooted in her training in yoga, Pilates and postural healing, Genie assists her clients in experiencing more harmonious natural alignment through core strength recruitment, exercise prescription and postural awareness education.  A person with healthy posture exudes vitality, confidence and attractiveness, while slouching signals insecurity, weakness and self-doubt.  Poor posture is also the leading cause of neck and back pain.  

Re-balancing the posture is a journey that facilitates energy flow in the body and transformation on all levels of being.

Myo-Fascial Therapy
Fascia is a type of connective tissue found throughout the body.   It has the ability to adapt its architecture, and will adjust to the body’s various positions.   When certain movements and postures become habitual, the fascia adapts and chronic postural misalignment results.  Rehydrating and re-molding this web-like matrix is achievable through direct, manual intervention, allowing for more sound postural alignment and relief from pain.  

Holistic Pulsing
A nurturing, gentle approach which applies gentle rocking, shaking and shimmering to the body’s tissues in order to encourage the release of deep holding patterns and invite feelings of softness, freedom and bliss.




ICT Northumberland College of Massage - 2200 hour
Yoga Teacher Training - 500 hour level certification - Therapeutic Approach (Registered Yoga school)
Yoga Teacher Training - 200 hour level certification - Yoga Teacher Training Atlantic
Mat 1 Stott Pilates method - certification - Interlude Spa
Certified Posture Specialist - The National Posture Institute
Certified Coach Practitioner - Certified Coaches Federation
100 hours of training in Myo-fascial and Deep Tissue Therapy

30 minutes - $55
60 minutes - $95
90 minutes - $135